How Much Would it Cost to Build a New Home?

Clients often ask us about the cost of specific home improvements. “I want to remodel my bathroom, what would that cost?”, “What about adding a deck, or putting on a new roof?”, “How much would an addition cost? The answers to these questions are never simple, and almost always begin with an “it depends” . The final cost of most home improvement projects depends on a variety of factors, and giving an accurate estimate without getting contractors involved can be a very difficult (and often futile) undertaking. However, there is one area of estimating costs that is getting much easier for RealSmart clients… and it is likely to surprise you.

Q: How much does it cost to build a brand new house in Silicon Valley?

A: Between $400-$435 per square foot to build, from beginning to the very end.

RealSmart has a source that will build a brand new home for our clients for $400-$435 per square foot, including all of the finishes, which you have the option of hand picking yourself with a design team. This new program applies to homeowners who want to build a brand new home on their existing home site, as well as people looking to build somewhere new on a fixer lot. The cost covers everything, from demolition of any existing home and permitting fees, to the entire construction process, all within the price range mentioned above. To put that into perspective, that would equate to $1.2 – $1.3 million to build a brand new 3,000 square foot home from the ground up, custom-built to your tastes and needs.

So how can we be so confident about an estimate to build a brand new home when we just said that doing the same for smaller scale home improvement projects can be tricky? The answer is that we are working with a seasoned regional home builder who has standardized many of the costs associated with building. They have a catalog of many different home designs and styles that have already stood the test of local government scrutiny. This allows them to streamline the permitting and build process, while still leaving ample room for you to customize the finishes to your liking.

This is an innovative program that opens up exciting new opportunities for RealSmart clients. For more information, give us a call: (650)642-8915

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