RealSmart’s First Annual Pick-up-a-Pie Party!

Pie party

We’re kicking off a new holiday tradition this year, with the gift of pies to all friends of RealSmart! Stop by our office (50 Edgewood Road, Redwood City) any time between 4-6pm on Thursday, November 3rd, for some snacks, drinks and a free pie to bring home. In a rush? No worries! Pick up the pie and dash. Can’t make it during those hours? Let us know and we’ll coordinate a delivery straight to your home. We hope to see you then!

When: Thursday, November 3rd, 2022, 4-6pm
Where: The RealSmart Office, 50 Edgewood Rd, Redwood City
Why: For a free pie! (And to stop and chat with the RS Team)
How: Click the link below to pick your pie (pumpkin or apple), and drop by on the 3rd!

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