Realtor Roundtable Discussion with Greg Ehlers – COO, Boxabl

At last week’s Realtor Roundtable meeting, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Boxabl COO, Greg Ehlers. Boxabl is an exciting new ADU company that produces impressive prefab casitas which are assembled in factory, folded up for transportation, and unfolded/assembled in your backyard in just 1-2 hours. They are still just getting off the ground, with their first round of orders currently being fulfilled for the US government, but this is certainly a company to keep an eye on as they continue to establish themselves and refine their product.

Check out this fantastic video highlighting Boxabl’s design, production, and assembly process:

You can learn more about Boxabl at their website:

Thank you for taking the time to chat with our group, Greg!

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